Mystic Soul Guide | Womb Healing Circle facilitator | Teacher of Womb Consciousness

Yoga and Movement Therapist


Through the gateway of transmission, Bonita takes you on deep soul journey into the depths of your womb. As a Soul Guide she opens the healing gateways to the love of Mother Gaia and Great Mother, She who has birthed all of life. Through these primary gateways we are loved into Being. This Source love being the most powerful alchemical healing energy of love available in our human experience. As we relax open and through inquiry the consciousness of your womb reveals what is ready to be presenced and healed at that time.

The sovereignty of the womb space is the crucible for healing at a soul level, whether in an emotional release session or healing sexual trauma, the womb portal is our gateway to gnosis, our gateway to healing, everything we need to know that our soul has experienced through this and previous lifetimes is accessed here.


As a midwife to the soul, Bonitas primary healing modality is In Utero sessions.

Our time in utero forms the under-pinning of our life experience and touches life at its core. Our mothers womb is our first relationship to life itself, our first experience of being loved and cared for and our first relationship to “other”. In this most tender and vulnerable state we are literally like sponges soaking up our mothers life experience. This is where we develop our core coping mechanisms as well as unconsciously taking on our mothers hidden patterns and fears as a way of connecting with her. It is here that the DNA of our mother and father lines come in to shape our foundational experience in a human body.

In utero healing is the stepping stone to true sovereignty for souls in this life experience. The journey comes as a set of three sessions. Each session spanning over a 3 hour period to allow the soul to surrender and rest in the safety of the space without restriction.

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We can be our own Doctors. By listening to our wombs we are connecting to our own wisdom for our overall health.

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